Don’t Miss The Summer Breeze Or This New Release “Pale Blue / Afterglow” By The Fin.


You have just finished the final exam for the last subject. Kids in the school next to yours are still playing basketball with occasional yells.
The girls with wet hair in bikinis are standing by the swimming pool appreciating their own reflections in the water, while worrying about body shape.
The road to home is quiet apart from the cicada noise. The asphalt surface starts to feel slabby.
You try to find that Slowdive CD on your bedroom floor stacked with soda cans, comic books and dirty underwear, but suddenly realize you’ve lent it to your cousin.
You take a look at your phone. No missed calls. No messages. Open your facebook, someone posts a picture of a cute dog.
You say to yourself, “I’m not doing anything today.”
You sink to the bottom of the sea and float in the thin air.
You take a deep breathe of the first warm and humid breeze. The summer has finally come.

That’s the scenery this double single disc has created for me, and maybe for you, too.
Come and join the party.

『Pale Blue / Afterglow』

2017.7.21 – Digital Release
2017.9.06 – 12inch Vinyl + MP3 Release
1. Pale Blue
2. Afterglow
3. Afterglow (FEWS Remix)
4. Afterglow (Anchorsong Remix)
5. Anchorless Ship (All We Are Remix) ※vinyl only
6. Heat (Ten Fé Remix) ※vinyl only

The fin. “Tour 2017 in Japan”

Sep 8 – enn 2nd, Sendai w/OGRE YOU ASSHOLE
Sep 15 – CLUB UPSET, Nagoya w/WONK
Sep 18 – Shangri-La, Osaka (One-man)
Sep 23 – WWW X (One-man)

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